Actress Nomzamo Mbatha has detailed how she has been living in fear after a "fake report" was published about her so-called long lost family. She insists the "fake family" have been harassing her for months and has resorted to going public with the threatening messages she has allegedly been receiving.

Nomzamo took to her social media account to recount how the "fake family" have been sending herself and her actual family members messages.

The original story of Elizabeth Mbatha from Mpumalanga, the woman who claims to be Nomzamo's mother, was published by Sunday Sun in 2016.

Nomzamo has lambasted the newspaper, insisting that despite Elizabeth's story having many gaps, the story was still printed. She has also accused the journalist of giving out her details to the "fake family", apparently resulting in the constant harassment.

Nomzamo revealed how she now lives in constant fear for her life and how she needs to use her money to secure private protection. Sunday Sun has not responded to the allegations.