FOR nine years, Salome Laka believed her man when he said his 4-5 wasn’t working. 
Then a few weeks ago, the 43-year-old wife made a shocking discovery. 
Her man’s 4-5 was, in fact, working like a well-oiled machine, but only with another woman! 
And, claimed Salome, he had even made his nyatsi pregnant. Heartbroken Salome – who is from Tladistad, North West – said what saddened her most was that her husband didn’t even show remorse for what he did. 
“I have been good to this man. I stayed in this sexless marriage trying to build it, yet this is what I get in return,” said Salome. 
“He admitted to having an affair with the woman, but doesn’t want to come clean whether he maintains a child or not. 
“I have been a fool for love and I don’t have children because of him. 
“He didn’t ever tell me when his 4-5 was up so we could try making our own baby. What is a marriage without kids?” 
Salome said she suspected the nyatsi was using muthi on her husband to make his 4-5 work. 
“Why should his 4-5 work on her but not on me? I don’t know what to do. 
“I have tried to take my husband to sangomas for help with his erection, but his 4-5 remained weak. 
“I took a vow that I’d stay in this marriage, even when things were tough. He should have told me he wasn’t interested in having sex with me.” 
Husband Kgowa Laka admitted to being in a relationship with another woman, but denied fathering a child. 
“I won’t listen to nonsense like that,” he said, before hanging up. 
Daily Sun spoke to nyatsi Francina Selowa, who said Salome should get a life. “She’s going around saying nasty things about me,” Selowa said. 
I’ll make her pay.”