The lady in the yellow dress is no doubt associated with revealing clothes. She recently shared that she receives numerous calls every winter from concerned friends due to her lack of "full" clothes. Skolopad, better known as the lady in the yellow dress, admitted that shops don't make the kind of clothes she likes. She explained that she keeps scissors in her bag and cuts all her clothes up as soon as she buys them.

"If only I could be kept away from a pair of scissors, then maybe I would have "decent" clothes," Skolopad shared in an exclusive interview with TshisaLIVE.

She explained that her nurse uniform is the only part of her wardrobe that is in its original state.Skolopad added that her friends try every winter to buy her clothes as they are afraid that she will get sick from the cold.

"I remember last year my friend asked if she could buy me two jeans with her account because winter was coming and all my clothes are revealing.

"I said yes, and gave her my size, but my hands itched as soon as I got them in my hands and I cut them up," she said.

She explains that she would rather just be naked in her blankets that put on "normal" clothes because normal is boring.