This is not about Demi-Leigh deserves the crown or nah, she won fair and square as far as the rules are concerned, I am sure, but still, there's no denying that she, and the rest of those contestants embody a singular, and stereotypical ideal.

Have our ideas of beauty not evolved since then? Do we still ascribe feminine beauty to long limbs, flat abdomens, and – evidently – straight hair, and quite clearly some sort of proximity to whiteness? Of course, this is not to pass judgment on the ladies who enter these competitions, but rather the rules of the competition itself. In 2017, why are we still perpetuating this idea that beauty can only come in a skinny frame, and straight hair?

South Africa have close to 40% of women are estimated to be raped in their lifetime with current rules they are automatically denied their right to choose better life. It would be better if to include afros, cornrows, beads , albinos ,Plus -size, make-up free girls.

Are beauty pageants like Miss South Africa still relevant?