Every time we see Mandla N he reminds us of Mayihlome Tshwete and vice versa.

You would think that these two gentlemen are actually related but they're not, however, the resemblance of the two is so uncanny we wouldn't blame you if you actually thought they were brothers.

Both very much in the public eye Mayihlome and Mandla are equally successful with beautiful families, great careers and a good head on their shoulders.

We wouldn't go as far as saying these two men are cut from the same cloth and the resemblance just makes the statement even more true.

So in case you're still confused about who Mandla and who Mayihlome is here are a few pictures of the two.

So this Mandla...

And this is Mayihlome..

Then these two just had to go and have the same hair-cut.

No seriously guys, maybe their cousins?

We formerly got introduced to Mandla N when he was a group member of Afro-pop group, Gang Of Instrumentals. Mandla then began to show us that he is actually a man of many talents when he and Tumi Masemola created Black Brain Productions which is responsible for many of the entertaining shows we watch on TV.

Shows that include, Lock Down, City Ses'Top La and of course they now do adverts as well, you see that Mzansi Magic Drogba advert?

Yep, that was Mandla N's project together with his Black Brain team.

As we're all aware Mayihlome is married to media personality, Zizo Tshwete and share a son together.