Lillian Dube recounts the last day she saw Joe Mafela who was said to be very happy on the day she last saw him.
As South Africa wakes up to the heartbreaking news of the passing of legendary actor, Joe Mafela, his close friend, Lillian Dube informed ENCA that when she spoke to him on Saturday, he was absolutely happy as he was planning on taking his wife on a cruise ship holiday.
"I was with Joe and we were at Goldreef City and he was telling me how happy he is because he's taking his wife on a cruise and that the wife is very excited."
Lillian Dube went on to explain that she heard of the passing of Joe, via a phone call.
"This morning when I got a phone call that he has passed on, I said 'No it can't be him' because he's on a cruise, he's on a cruise, it can't be him!
A friend of mine then sent me a message to say that Joe was involved in an accident, then I started believing it. it has saddened me so much. He was the happiest on Saturday when we were talking. So for me I cannot believe it but what I want everyone to know is that he was very happy when I last saw him."
Ma Lillian continued to share the wonderful moments she had with Joe Mafela and how much of a loving and generous man the actor was.
"I've known Joe forever, he was such a loving human being, he was so generous, I'm so sad, I don't want to believe it."
Lilian further corrected herself and said that she first got an SMS informing her about Joe's passing to which she then made a phone call to confirm if the news was indeed true. 
"I got an SMS from a friend of mine and then I called her. She said to me that she got a call from his neighbours, she said the accident happened in Marlboro."
As the South African acting and film industry celebrated the achievements of actors and production houses at the SAFTAs on Saturday night, Lillian Dube went on to express how disappointed her and Joe were at how actors are being treated in the country considering how much of an important role they have played in the development of Arts & Culture in South Africa and in politics in general.
"On Saturday we were speaking about politics and how we are being marginalized as actors even though actors were very active in bringing the change we have today but we are not given the same respect, for instance, we were even speaking about the SAFTAs to which he wasn't invited, I wasn't invited and we told each other that we do what we do because we love it. Whether we get invited to the SAFTAs or not it's fine, we do what we do for the love of it."
Our deepest condolences to Joe Mafela's family, may he rest in peace.