Tonight's bachelor is 24 year comedian, Tumelo. He describes himself as a sexy skinny guy. Tumelo is looking for a woman to love.

The first bachelorette is 22 year old Marcia, she is a Health care student, she is looking for a man who can take care of her and her needs.
"I don't have a type, I just want a guy that smells fresh."

The date with her family went well, they seemed to really like Tumelo as he was exactly what Marcia was looking for, we were shocked that he did not choose her.

The second bachelorrete is Vinolia, she is a 25 year old Communications student, like Marcia, she is looking for a a guy that smells nice.

She then went on to say, " he must be smart, darker than me & taller than me. I want a guy who can make me laugh."

The date with her family was a disaster, they weren't feeling the bachelor, it was rather awkward to watch.

The final bachelorette is 25 year old Customer Liason, Itu.
Itu has 17 tattoos, she loves going to markets. She is looking for a committed relationship, she is ready to settle down. The date with her family did not go well and none of them wanted him to come back.

He chose Vinolia and they seemed to hit it off. The pair sealed the date with a kiss and declared that they are a couple after meeting for the first time. I guess when you know you know.