Yesterday, we told you that Ayanda Thabethe will be launching her salon in a few days but what we didn't tell you is that it will be a joint venture that she will be entering into with her equally gorgeous sister, Lungile. 

This probably explains the salon's name as it sounds like a combination of their names - Ayanda and Lungile.

While we occasionally marvel at Ayanda's ability to rock practically any and every hairstyle at the drop of a hat (pun intended), Lungile's make-up skills also deserve a round of applause.

You could cut yourself with how sharp that wing-tipped liner is! And her blush is blended beautifully.

So we guess that means Ayanda will be overseeing all things hair-related while Lungile will be the business' face beat expert. Just look at how well she pulls off a plum lip.

Not only is she great at this make up thing, like her sister, Lungile rocks any hairstyle - whether its the hair she was born with or hair she decided to buy...

Good Lord! The Thabethe sisters are stunning and it seems being a pretty duo who can pass for twins runs in the Thabethe clan because the same can be said for Thando and her sister Sanele.

Liyanda Salon will be opening on the 1st of April and will be open to the public, however, it is best to book your spot to avoid disappointment. Details can be found on Ayanda and Lungile's Instagram accounts.