Tonight's bachelor is 29 year old, Lawyer, Pastor, Farmer & Politician, General Thekisho.

We cant verify any of those "facts" but for the purpose of this story, we will go along with it.

He lists farming as one of the things he enjoys doing, General was looking for a girl who he could spend his life with because he is ready to settle down.

The first bachelorette was Mpho, a 25 year old student nurse from Boksburg. She has a five year old son from a previous relationship.

Mpho says that she is a good singer, and is currently learning how to play the piano, the date with her family went okay, they seemed to really have a good understanding with General until the dreaded car question, we liked how General answered the question with sass, he said that he doesn't have a car, he has cars, again, that is something we cant verify.

The mood in the room immediately changed, they started being more receptive when they found out that he has several cars and properties. Interesting.

The second hopeful was Litha, a 22 year old plus size model.

She is looking for a man that has a great sense of humor, looks good and has a job, but most importantly, he must be rich.

The date with her family went really well, General was drawn in when Litha's aunt said that she thinks that Litha might be a virgin because she has not met any of her previous love interests, he loved that part.

Litha's family members had some doubts about General because he has a lot of "jobs" & that makes him seem shady.

The final bachelorette is Zinhle, a 27 year old Financial Manager from Bryanston.

She loves playing netball & socializing. Zinhle is looking for a man that is career oriented.

The date with her family went okay, we loved how calm her mom was, it was beautiful to watch, she spoke with so much class & grace.

General chose Zinhle and we thought everything would go smoothly.

Zinhle politely rejected General but that made him really angry, he showed his true colors and he started being unnecessarily rude, we really thought that he was a cool guy, he had us fooled the entire time.

Date My Family needs to start matching people correctly, they need to get it right.