FREE STATE STARS striker Mohammed Anas was so excited after winning the Man-of-the-Match on Friday last week.
But his post-match gaffe in which he thanked his wife and girlfriend seemingly caused his heavily pregnant wife to go into premature labour.

Anas’s wife Lizl Holmes showed symptoms of stress and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

“Nurses had to deliver their second child by Caesarean section,” said a hospital source.

Other Sunday Sun sources at Flora Clinic in Roodepoort say it was early on Sunday that nurses discovered that Lizl was not having normal labour pains.

One of these medical moles said Anas made their day when he arrived to be with his wife.

“To be honest, he’s so supportive and didn’t care a bit when people were going up to him to ask questions and laughed.

“He came in there looking very worried about his wife. I think she had been traumatised by watching her husband thank his wife – and girlfriend,” the source said.
The informant went on to say: “As he sat on the bench next to his wife’s labour ward, staff members went up to him, trying to understand what he’d been trying to say.”

This source said Anas spent the whole day in the hospital next to his wife.

“At some point, we could see he was so tired because he was drinking one energy drink after another – and even took off his takkies,” said the source.
Yet another hospital source claimed that Anas had told them he’d just got married to his wife and was still trying to get accustomed to calling her his wife.

“He said even though this was their second child, he was used to calling her his girlfriend. But he said Lizl is no longer happy with that title.
“He said he was surprised to have uttered that in front of the cameras, and when he tried to correct it, it made him look even more stupid.

“Anas said he realised that she would be angry to be called a girlfriend in front of the world media,” said the source.

In a post-match interview with SuperSport soccer presenter Kamza Mbatha, Mohammed Anas did what has been dubbed: “the man of the match interview of the century”.

But now it seems the fluff was not so embarrassing, as the world media seemed to think. Because the wife and the girlfriend may have been the same woman: Lizl!

The SunTeam called Free State Stars manager Ransi Monkoena, who said: “That’s his private life. What can I say? But congrats to him and his family.”
Anas said: “My wife and I are happy with our bundle of joy. She understand what led me to say what I said. It’s all in the past and she doesn’t have a problem with it. Our focus is on our newborn.”