Most of us were so focused on Riky Rick's live #MMA16 rant that we may have missed what his fellow musicians

Following this past weekend's Metro FM Music Awards, and Riky opening the flood gates of dissent, the likes of Black Coffee, Khuli Chana and Babes Wodumo have added their 2 cents to the mix.

Starting with one of SA's most legendary DJs, Black Coffee:

A tweep then warned Coffee that he will never win a Metro Award ever again but when you've unlocked certain levels in life (the way he has), you just stop caring. Clearly...

Another artist whom many were surprised had won nothing on the night, Babes Wodumo, quietly co-signed Riky's Rant with this tweet.
L-Tido also didn't want to miss his opportunity to add his opinion to the mix.
Kwesta retweeted this fan response to Mo Flava, so one can only assume he agrees.
Your favourite rapper was surprisingly quiet but we guess this cryptic tweet was also in reference to the Metro's.

Many of you are critiquing these artists for being vocal even though they've played the game by the pre-existing rules but just because they did what they had to do to get ahead doesn't mean that they had to like it.

And while we're on the subject of critique, there is nothing wrong with artists who have put out great work expressing their unhappiness when said work doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

It's sad that your votes no longer mean what they were supposed to. Hands up if you want your airtime that you spent on voting back.

Main image credit: Destiny/Instagram