From the look of things, the Durban beaches, which are meant to attract tourists and generate income for the country, among other things, have become famous overnight for couples who want to ‘quench their thirst’ and other irresponsible citizens who may just feel like having se_x, according to the Minister of Tourism Mr Derek Andre Hanekom.
His sentiments come after a Durban mother and son were caught on camera having se_x last week in full view of the members of the public who were at the beach.
”Just on Monday around 3pm, another couple was also captured having se_x at the Durban beach, and the video has already started doing rounds on the internet; that is directly tarnishing our country’s image, and we won’t tolerate that, mind you, this has just happened in less than a week after another video of a Durban mother having se_x with her own 10-year-old son started circulating, as a government, we are finally putting an end to that through stiffer penalties to the offenders involved”, fumed Mr Hanekom.

According to a report, the couple caught in the disgusting act on Monday has since been arrested, charged with public indecency, and assisted the SAPS with the investigations.
One of the female on-lookers described the offender as a greatest bon_ker of all time’ and had a ‘very long black anaconda’, which he used well!
While we are still waiting to get permission to post the video of the couple caught on camera having sex at the famous beach on Monday, you can watch the video of a Durban mother bonking her 10-year-old son below in case you missed it.
Please be reminded that the video was trimmed for the sake of underage and sensitive viewers.