One of Johannesburg's top boys schools, King Edward VII School, is clamping down on bullying after a video surfaced showing two Grade 11 boys attacking two younger pupils. (Warning: Graphic Content not for Sensitive Viewers)

In the video, two Grade 10 boys stand nervously next to each other as the older pupils prepare for the assault. One of the older boys carefully takes off his blazer and rolls up his shirt sleeves. He then slaps one of the younger boys hard on the ear. The other bully does the same to the second victim. The two younger boys stumble backwards but do not fight back.
In a statement on the school's website, headmaster David Lovatt said a "concerned citizen" had sent the video to the school.
"The footage is extremely disturbing and in no way reflects the ethos or traditions of our school," his statement said.
"The assailants and videographers have been identified and will be dealt with."
In an e-mail to parents, Lovatt said KES had zero tolerance for intimidation, initiation, physical assault, fighting, bullying and other similar offences.
He warned that those found guilty would be suspended for a week and, on return, would face a further seven days' suspension from all school activities other than academic classes.
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