Instead of discussing this man’s smelly armpits, these men decided to clean them.

These community members had had enough of a man who proudly walked around the community, leaving an unpleasant smell behind him, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and gave him a much-needed bath.
In an old video that has resurfaced on social media, a group of men can be seen bathing a grown man with a hose. According to the caption on the video, the community were tired of the man’s refusal to rid himself of his bad smell.
The men can be seen working together, some holding his legs and others his arms as they soap him up.
The man tries to escape, unsuccessfully.
The caption says the incident happened in Durban, though some of the comments have stated otherwise, saying the men in the video spoke French (which is still plausible in South Africa, as many migrant communities here are from Africa’s Francophone regions).