Last month we reported that a Ghanaian gay refugee almost lost his life during a long trek to cross the U.S - Canada border into Manitoba. Read here . The man identified as Seidu Mohammed had fled Ghana for the United States in 2015 because he feared for his life due to his sexual orientation, but when he arrived in San Diego, he was detained for a year.
He applied for asylum after his visa ran out but a judge denied his request.

In December 2016, Seidu and another Ghanaian man, Razak Iyal whom he met in Minneapolis, trekked through waist-high snow in Manitoba where they were frostbitten and ended up in a hospital.
According to GhanaWeb, Mohammed had to have all of his fingers amputated, while Iyal lost all of his fingers except for his thumbs to frostbite.

However, Mohammed had earlier stated that 'the journey was worth it' because going back to Ghana will only have him lose his life.