Pabi Moloi’s family and the baby daddy Ruan Adams had a brawl which he shared on social media this past week. It looks like the two have come to some sought of agreement or could it be a throwback pic? Pic! Pabi Moloi’s baby daddy shares a full face photo of their son.

Pic! Pabi Moloi’s Baby Daddy Shares A Full Face Photo Of Their Son

Whilst Pabi has yet to share her son’s photo showing his face, his daddy has gone ahead and shared on Instagram. Do we smell trouble here or no? Ruan shared a photo of his son smiling along with an emotional caption.

“#MYSON #myworld just in case you wanted to know my reason for fighting living breathing #loveofmylife #daddydaycare #fathersrightmovement I love you son and one day we will talk about this and judge and you will know your dad never gave up hope cause your mom was bitter and acting like a child … I LOVE YOU WITH ALL I AM .. you are the only person I would die for simply because dying is easier than living without you… LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU,” he wrote.

Here’s Pabi’s cute son.