They met at Motlaleng’s sister’s wedding and shortly after wards, he (Malefetsane) tried to charm her with their shared love for chomp chocolate. She didn’t get it at first as  she thought he was only talking about chocolate but she eventually got the metaphor. 
However, Motlaleng was married before and her family ended up blaming him for causing her divorce. It took quite a while for her family to accept him but they eventually did all thanks to her supportive mother who only wanted to see her child happy. 

Malefetsane later proposed to her while she was at work. It sounded as though she works in some kind of shop because the groom said everything came to a stand-still when he got down on one knee and took out a ring in front of everyone. She freaked out and ran when he proposed because she was caught off-guard, and even when she returned, all she could do was give him her hand as a way of saying yes since she was at a loss for words. 

And then the surprises began… 

When the couple went for their cake tasting, it was revealed that they had an estimated 900 guests! 400 seated, 500 standing (who were asked to bring their own camp chairs and gazebos).
We were then surprised when the bride had no idea what was going on with the decor for their main table for the wedding. It was the groom who picked it, without informing her! 
Another shock came when we found out that the groom and his brother will be cooking for the wedding. Talk about cost saving! Plus, if she’s ever tired in future after work, she doesn’t have to worry about what the family is going to eat. Hubby’s got this! 
It was so cute that she cried after she saw her cake for the first time. She said they were tears of joy because the cake matches her dress. We’re not going to say anything about the dress though. At least she loved it.  

They each said their own vows during the wedding and it was such an awww moment when he told her that if any of them had to pass on, he’d wait for her reincarnation just to be reunited with her. Even the wedding guests couldn’t help but let out a collective “aaawwww!” at that moment. 
The decor at the reception wasn’t bad. They decor lady seemed to have been able to make the couple’s blue and yellow brief work. 
One thing we must admit is that her reception dress was SO much better then her wedding dress!
The family then traveled to the Mangaung Village for their traditional wedding. 
At the end of the wedding, we found out that hubby was in charge of planning everything, even the dress… But at least he was happy with how everything turned out and he was mighty proud of himself.