Gigi Lamayne has always been open about her tough childhood and witnessing her father abuse her mother. In a recent interview with Drum Magazine, Gigi admitted that her song “Daddy Issues” is personal. “I Think I Do Have Daddy Issues,” Says Gigi Lamayne.

Asked if she has daddy issues, Gigi had this to say. “Yes, I think I do but I’ve got amazing male figures in my life who are like my brothers whom I work with, who try I guess to correct that situation. I guess it’s something that’s always with me,” Gigi said.

Gigi says she witnessed a lot of bad things in her home whilst growing up and also went through a lot herself. “I’m from a very abuse background. He (Gigi’s dad) had episode then mix that with alcohol. I think I’m slowly getting to a place where I forgive him.”

Gig says she has let go although she has not seen him for years. “I think he just needs to forgive himself.”