After eight blissful years of exclusively partying at his swanky pad The North God will never again host the all white party at his Bryanston home.

The City of Johannesburg's Joint Operation Committee (JOC) and the ward councillor for Bryanston, Vincent Earp have confirmed the party won't take place again.

Earp said that the although the final decision was made by JOC, he can confirm that part of the decision was based on past complaints by neighbours who lived almost a kilometer away.

The event, which started out as "exclusive hangout" session for DA L.E.S and his celebrity friends, will now seize to exist despite the rapper's efforts in ensuring that he meets all the requirements regarding safety and noise regulations.

"Despite the noise complaints, the number of people and the fact that tickets were sold for the party, made it unsuitable for a residential area," added Earp.

L.E.S has since released a statement sharing the disappointing news. "Unfortunately, the ALL WHITE POOL PARTY is nothing without my house. I have no idea why they are doing this to my event specifically, but as a responsible party promoter I have no choice but to follow the law."

In January police shut down the party in full view of guests after numerous complaints were made.

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