We are not sure what happened between AKA and Bonang for the rapper to take to social media announcing breaking up with Bonang and advising fellow men not to love women more than they are loved. But we have to admit, boy sure knows how to apologize. What break up?! AKA surprises Bonang with a R46k Gucci handbag.

Social media didn’t believe AKA and Bonang were really done, with some calling it a publicity stunt. It’s either it is exactly what social media predicted or maybe they broke up to make up. Bonang took to Instagram Monday morning to humble brag about her super pricey gift from AKA delivered to her work place.

“My heart can’t actually take it…. 😩😩😩😩!! Thank you baby…. Love! Love! Obsessed!! Dying… Surprises at work even?!😮🙈👌I’m so spoilt… Thank you. 🌺😍🍾🎁🎉🎀,” Bonang captioned a photo of her new Sylvie embroidered Gucci handbag.

See kids, this is how you get love back after breaking up with someone on twitter, you buy a $3,500 handbag!