Born Happiness Ndlovu, DJ HappyGal recently shared on social media images of the home she built for her family in Empangeni, KwaZulu Natal.

“I usually never post things like this on social media, but I wanted to show people where I come from and encourage those who have no hope,” she said.

At 29 years old, she’s the eldest child of six kids, and the breadwinner in a family where nobody works.

“My dad Uyalapha [is a healer],” she says. “He’s always travelling, but he made sure he put me through school. I studied human resource management at Tshwane University of Technology, so I had to make him proud.

“We all grew up in the small 2 bedroom house and it took me time to build that house, but my hard work paid off. I believe it’s up to all of us to change our situation.”

And there’s more good news − her music video for Yaphel’imali featuring Professor and DJ Micks is out.