In a video posted to Facebook‚ residents of Msobomvu‚ Butterworth‚ in the Eastern Cape‚ can clearly be seen helping themselves to stock from a stationary truck.

They continued to pull two-litre softdrink bottles from the truck as it moved along the road with many walking away with handfuls of “free” drinks.

The video was posted to Facebook by a bystander on Wednesday‚ but the Butterworth police could not confirm when the incident took place. Talking to TMG Digital‚ Captain Jackson Manatha said that the goods were not tightly secured‚ allowing some of them to fall out.

“We have seen the video and we have identified some of the community members. We are just waiting for a case to be opened and then we will proceed with the necessary actions.”

The truck driver has not yet opened a case of theft. Manatha added: “We do not support the actions of the community and we are very disappointed in the actions that transpired.” TMG Digital has reached out to Coca-Cola for comment but at the time of publication could not be contacted. – TMG Digital