British Bank HSBC has released its annual expat explorer report, detailing the best countries to work, live in and experience as an expat.
The report is based on a survey of 26,871 expats across 190 different countries, with questions focusing on how easy it was for them to live, work, and raise a family where they were.
Singapore ranks first in the overall Expat Explorer country league table as the best place to live, work and raise a family abroad. Six out of 10 (62%) expats living in Singapore say they are earning more than in their home country, and two thirds (66%) agree that their quality of life is better.
South Africa placed as the 33rd overall best country to live.
The country featured as the 39th best country economically – a score that summarises expats’ views on personal finances (their earning prospects); the local economy (how easy it is to start a business in the country); and an expats working life (prospects for career progression).
In addition it was ranked as 32nd best for raising a family. This rating was based on an expats relationships (whether their social life is more active); education and childcare (the quality and cost of education); and the impact of raising children (the ease of their children making friends).
South Africa’s highest rating was in the “experience” survey, in which it was ranked 22nd best globally. This rating focused on an expats lifestyle (their quality of life); the people around them (how easily they integrate with the local people); and the ease of setting up (finding accommodation).
The survey in particular highlighted South Africa’s value as a country in which one could raise a family in a multicultural environment, the country’s high rating for work/life balance, the quality and affordability of property as well as the affordability and accessibility of healthcare.
New Zealand21514
Czech Republic41282