With a tumultuous political and financial year behind us, South African parents can expect to pay much more for the country’s top private schools in 2017.
The country’s most expensive schools have adjusted their fee structures for 2017, and are now more expensive than ever – implementing fee increases ranging from 2.2% to a staggering 14%
Notably, when BusinessTech first covered the most expensive schools in 2014, only one school (Hilton College) was priced over R200,000 for boarding and tuition – now in 2017, 14 schools have moved into that price range.
Hilton College in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands maintains its position as the most expensive school in the country, with an annual fee of R253,660 for 2017 – an increase of 7.5% from 2016’s fee of R235,960.
Like its KwaZulu Natal midlands counterpart, Michaelhouse, Hilton does not offer a ‘day student’ option for learners, with annual board being compulsory.
Roedean School for Girls in Parktown has shot up the list to second place in 2017, with an annual fee of R236,795, while St Andrews College in Grahamstown has moved to third place with an annual fee of R235,335.
The top five is rounded out by St Stithian’s which charges R229,010, and St John’s, which charges R226,965.
At the time of writing, Michaelhouse had not yet updated its site with its 2017 fees – but its increase is likely to push it back into one of the top spots. However, even at 2016’s level, the school remains the 6th most expensive in the country.

The fees listed below are as they appear on the various schools’ web pages, and cover tuition and boarding. Schools where the 2017 fees were not available show the 2016 fees and are indicated with a * . Fees are for the highest level of learning available, and do not include levies, admission fees, or optional extras.

Hilton College, Howick — R253,660

Hilton College
Hilton College

Roedean School for Girls, Parktown – R236,795

Roedean School for Girls
Roedean School for Girls

St Andrews College, Grahamstown — R235,335

St Andrews
St Andrews

St Stithians, Sandton – R229,010

St Stithians
St Stithians

St Johns College, Houghton‚ Johannesburg – R226,965

St Johns
St Johns

*Michaelhouse, Balgowan – R221,950


Bishops‚ Rondebosch – R219,510


St Andrew’s School for Girls, Senderwood – R219,450

St Andrews School for Girls
St Andrews School for Girls

St Martins school, Rosettenville – R217,330

St Martins
St Martins

St Mary’s School Waverley – R215,200

St Mary's Waverly
St Mary’s Waverly

Most expensive schools in SA (2017, boarding)

Hilton CollegeR253 660R235 9607.5%
Roedean School for GirlsR236 795R220 2767.5%
St Andrew’s CollegeR235 335R216 9008.5%
St Stithian’sR229 010R201 31613.8%
St John’sR226 965R210 3527.9%
*MichaelhouseR225 000
BishopsR219 510R198 34010.7%
St Andrew’s School for GirlsR219 450R198 54010.5%
St Martin’sR217 330R199 2009.1%
St Mary’s School WaverleyR215 200R198 1508.6%
St Alban’s CollegeR212 600R197 3007.8%
*Kearsney CollegeR211 500
Kingswood CollegeR203 400R186 0909.3%
Diocesan School for Girls GrahamstownR203 190R187 2608.5%
St Mary’s DSG -PretoriaR194 940R190 8002.2%
St Cyprian’sR191 550R175 6309.0%
St Mary’s School for Girls KloofR182 740R170 7107.0%
The Wykeham CollegiateR182 140R165 32010.2%
Herschel Girls’ SchoolR180 040R169 3206.3%
*Treverton CollegeR167 620