Gift Mhlanga's efforts to make his wedding to Tanisha Mhlanga a memorable experience she won't forget proved to be a success with his very hands on gesture during their wedding.
It's interesting to think that when Tanisha first met Gift she wanted nothing to do with the man, but fast forward to the year 2017 and the same man she wanted nothing to do with, pulled out all the stops to ensure that she was not only the happiest woman on earth during their wedding but also that everything went according to plan.

From the all-white Mercedez-Benz fleet.

To the very tall wedding cake that was baked by Sis' Molly who had informed the bride and groom that the cake would last up to 5-years.

Some viewers were quite surprised at the length of the cake's expiry date but wedding cakes are known to last for quite a long time. Especially wedding cakes that are a combination of alcahol and dried fruits
However, we're still questioning Gift's security guards, whilst some people tweeted and expected this...
They were given a bunch of average joe's who wore t-shirts written 'SECURITY'.
You have to commend Gift for his efforts guys, come on!

We still haven't forgiven his friend for wearing that hideous tie that looked like a suicide rope.
In the words of Atandwa Kani "What the F**** Are You Doing?"
Nonetheless, Tanisha and Gift impressed many of us with their matrimony, and they hit it right on the nail when they decided to also have a watermelon carved out as a groom and bride.
Don't get us started on the money-flashing moment during the reception, chest pains, especially considering that we're still in January and flat out broke.
Thank you, Mr and Mrs Mhlanga for a beautiful wedding.

Image Credit: Facebook/OurPerfectWedding