The world still hasn't stopped talking about Bonang's latest bikini pic but we saw a little something that might hint that she will be the leading lady in his upcoming music video for 'The World is Yours'?
What we thought was just another hot look from South Africa's sauce queen may actually be thee look for her debut as her man's video girl following the hint that he dropped this morning.
The couple also shared the following picture on their respective Instagram accounts but that photo credit got us thinking...

Bonang credited Jiten Ramlal for the photo. Ramlal is a Director of Photography of and founding member at AKA's go-to music video production company, Studio Space Pictures.
And considering the fact that they seem to be so in love, it's only natural that he would want her to be the focus of a song with such a meaning. A song that is probably the lead single off his upcoming album.
Now we don't know what the album will be called as yet but what we do know is that it's not the only thing he's working on.
He's riding the wave of the hype still surrounding his latest single, 10 Fingers, featuring Anatii.
According to his tweets, they're continuing their collaboration all the way through and entire album and will be releasing a project titled 'Be Careful What You Wish For.'
We've said it before but we think it bears repeating that we are so glad that AKA and Anatii made up. Imagine all the music we'd be missing out on if they didn't? We guess it's that undeniable musical chemistry that made it easy for both of them to swallow their pride and squash the beef.
We are SO ready for everything that Supa Mega will be dropping in the coming months, starting with that video. And if we're right that B* is the music video lead, just remember that you heard it here first.

Main image credit: Instagram