Overcoming her drug and alcohol addiction hasn't been a walk in the park for Zoleka Mandela.

Zoleka who will celebrate seven years of being sober later this year, reflected on the criticism she faced when she decided to things her way.
"After abusing drugs and alcohol for 17 years, I'll be celebrating my 7th year this year in August.  I'm remembering how hurt I was when someone told me that I wanted to do sobriety my own way and that it was never going to work or the number of people in my life that shunned me when I told everyone on Facebook that I was an addict," she said.
Zoleka added that people called her an 'attention-seeker'.
"I was told I'm an attention-seeker, that I'm just a typically spoilt Mandela grandchild but they don't know me or know why I do and say the things I do or those that still look down on me or judge me because they can't understand why I choose to live my life publicly for the benefit of others," she added.
Zoleka explained that despite the negativity she worked hard on staying sober and continues to do so every day.
"I checked myself out of rehab after 6 weeks, I still don't have a sponsor, I don't attend any Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and I don't do Step Work but  I feel good about my sobriety regardless because I worked and work damn hard at my recovery everyday."