Mzansi's favourite puppet Chester Missing has taken the mickey out of rapper's flashy lifestyles which has hogged headlines over the past few weeks.

The satirical puppet, who belongs to ventriloquist Conrad Koch, is known for his spicy and witty comments on topics making headlines in the country.
So it was only a matter of time before ol' Chester shared his views on rapper's 'flashy' lifestyles.
The puppet poked fun at rapper's who flaunt how much money they spend on a daily basis.

"U can either glorify flashing wealth and celeb worship, or be against poverty and inequality. Doing both is like a vegetarian who eats chicken," Chester said.
Chester's comments come just days after rapper AKA hogged headlines for flexing about his vacation to Phuket, Thailand.

Despite being called out on it the rapper went on to flaunt his lifestyle in the faces of his haters.
During a shopping spree on vacation, AKA shared pictures of his designer gear ranging from Gucci wallets and Givency t-shirts, to fancy shades. And the rapper didn't forget to mention that he had dropped R80,000 on all those fancy clothes.