Guys!!! Tshidi has been plotting to get back together with her new lover, Jack Mabaso, for weeks and now that she seems to have succeeded, things got a little weird. 

 The kiss that happened on last night's episode of Generations: The Legacy has left the nation collectively asking WTF?!

For those of you who need to get caught up, Tshidi, played by Letoya Makhene, has been scheming and plotting to drive Jack Mabaso's recently returned wife, Nandi (Brenda Mhlongo) insane so that she can return to the clinic she came from and leave Jack to Tshidi. 

Although we didn't want her to succeed, she did and last night she got what she's been wanting.
We had no idea what to think in that moment, especially those of us who were sitting with our parents. Even in this heat, we decided to get up and go make tea and go and start rearranging dishes and stuff.

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As usual, South Africans had all the jokes and said all the things we were thinking.
No Nelisiwe, you weren't the only one shem.
Other people left us asking if we were watching the same show...
Maybe next time they should warn us before the show starts that things might get a little steamy so that we're better prepared.

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