Soapie stars Vuyo Dabula and Gabriel Temudzani to face off in the boxing ring. No it’s not about which one is a better soapie between Generations: The Legacy or Muvhango, it’s all in the name of the love of the fight game.

Vuyo Dabula And Gabriel Temudzani To Face Off In The Boxing Ring

“Like a pro #champishere #bsa #thechampsarehere,” Vuyo Dabula captioned the photo above. “I’m pretty relaxed. Boxing is an art and I have been paying close attention to the craft and different styles, and have adapted it. If Gabriel isn’t taking this seriously he is not going to have a great day,” he said.

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Muvhango’s Gabriel says he’s been a fan of boxing his whole life. “I have gotten into the ring once or twice before. Even though it is a tough sport, I’m channeling Floyd Mayweather and the late Mohammed Ali.”

The aim of the match is to restore boxing to its former glory. The fight will be broadcast live on SABC 2 at 21.30pm on Friday.