We didn’t see this one coming. Tuesday night rapper AKA was bragging about just how much his Thailand baecation with his boo Bonang cost. Whilst he got everyone believing, Tbo Touch had some news flash for everyone on his drivetime show. Did Tbo Touch just throw shade at AKA and Bonang’s baecation?

Whilst it’s obvious that AKA and Bonang go on their January baecation because of their busy schedules as entertainers in December, it might also mean they are saving a lot of money on those vacations too.

Speaking about the best time and places to vacation, Tbo Touch repeatedly mentioned how cheap it is to vacation in January especially in Phuket, Thailand where AKA and Bonang are currently vacationing.

Touch went on to stress just how affordable it is to vacation in Thailand in this time of the year as compared to Decemeber. Hmm, we smell subtle shade there, what what that’d do to AKA’s ego.