It is no secret that AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes A.K.A Glammy is very close to her son’s ex girlfriend and baby mama. Apart from spending most of her time with Dj Zinhle, she mentioned last year on twitter that she takes Zinhle as one of her children. But she quickly tried to do damage control after with tweet that stated that she has asked to meet AKA ‘s current girlfriend Bonang and the offer still stands.
Wonder if that happened or was she just throwing a performance on Social Media to cover up her extreme dislike for Bonang? It’s almost a year now since she uttered those promising words but there is no proof that she really meant what she said about meeting the new lady in AKA’s life.
While meeting Bonang would be a huge pillow to swallow, we assume that somewhere in between, there is a possibility that the unimaginable did happen. Remember when AKA bought his mom a car following the AKA VS Zinhle twar?
That could have been a “Thank You” gift to his mom for support him and perhaps she really did meet Bonang. But still there’s no proof. Which makes us believe that Glammy hasn’t yet accepted that AKA has moved on.
He has alright, and maybe , it’s high time she accepted everything.
Here, we present signs that AKA’s mom hasn’t approved of her son’s relationship with Bonang :

Shows no love for Bonang

Remember how Glammy used to support Dj Zinhle, liking everything she was on on Social Media? She still does! Poor Bonang.

No mention of Bonang name

Keeping in mind that AKA’s mom used to speak about how Dj Zinhle is so great at everything. Dj Zinhle was all over her Instagram page.

No pics with Bonang

Yep. non, and there are no signs that there will ever be pics of AKA’s mom and Bonang together. Maybe in neverland when we all forgot that there Dj Zinhle and AKA once dated.
What’s even worse is that Bonang recently met AKA’s family and they even took photos ( Well, what more signs do we want?)