It is clear that Caasper has nothing but love for Lizelle Matabane. The 26-year-old rapper and 26-year-old model and socialite sparked relationship rumours when they were spotted hanging out together a lot in 2015. The startling news was revealed by one of Lizelle’s close friends and corroborated by two independent sources, who are privy to the award-winning rapper’s private life.

Lizelle, who was romantically linked to well-known Pretoria blesser George Leshaba, declined to discuss her alleged dalliance with Cassper.

But undeniably so, we cannot seem to just let go of the thought that the two might have an actual relationship.
Here are several photos that show why Cassper and Lizelle might be “in love!”
Let’s just pretend we friends. HAHAHA!
Getting too cozy huh?

They are always around each other.
Ohk , we see you!

What more proof do you want?