DJ AND event organiser Senzo Ntsele nearly got a hot klap from partygoers two weeks ago.
And he claims the person to blame is Generations actor Vuyo Dabula!
Senzo told Daily Sun the drama started when Vuyo only spent five minutes at his One Night Stand party at The Lapa in Witbank, Mpumalanga, after being paid R16 500 for an appearance. He said Vuyo arrived at 8pm.
“He was supposed to arrive at 11pm and spend an hour at the party. He has ruined my company’s reputation.”
However, Vuyo had a different story to tell when the SunTeam approached him.
“I was not given an exact time to appear. All that was agreed on was that I would be there for an hour. When I arrived, there was hardly anyone so I told Senzo I had another gig in Nelspruit and asked if I could go there and come back later, which he agreed to.”
He said when he called Senzo later to say he was on his way back, Senzo told him not to bother because it was raining and it was too late.
However, Senzo said: “He called me at 1.30am to say he would be there within 30 minutes but it was too late.”
Although Senzo was disappointed, he called Vuyo the next day to organise another appearance.
“I offered him another R3 000 for petrol and he said he would get back to me but he never did.”
Vuyo claimed when he called Senzo again, he was hostile and made threats, which was why he decided to cut off contact. “He doesn’t know how to talk to people.
“He got emotional and was shouting so I decided to pull out from any more arrangements with him.”
“He can keep the money, what I needed was for him to show up as he was paid,” said Senzo.
Vuyo said he was fully booked for December and would not be able to attend Senzo’s next event on 16