FORMER Generations actress, Nambitha Mpumlwana, is allegedly facing financial problems.

That’s according to several friends close to the actress who said they’re tired of helping her without being appreciated.

“I’ve been acting as Nambitha’s everything. From being a pillar of strength, to helping try sort out her problems. But she never appreciates my efforts,” said one friend.

Another source claimed Nambitha is struggling to secure long-term jobs as producers are afraid to book her.

The source said in the past producers complained that she’s a difficult person, whose many demands make her difficult to work with.

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She was allegedly released from her Generations contract because apparently, the creators were tired of her “diva” tendencies. She then went on to join’s Ashes to Ashes in themain lead role.

A second source claimed Nambitha relies on friends to drive her to interviews and auditions.

“She asks them to wait for her until she finishes, so they can drop her off at home,” our showbiz mole alleged.

The source said this happened recently when Nambitha was a guest on a shoot for a new TV show.

“If only Nambitha could diversify and go into production.

But instead she waits for jobs and the salary of an actress.

“Her peers are writing scripts, developing new shows and even directing and producing. I wish she’d consider this route,” said the friend.

Another source said lately Nambitha doesn’t go a week without sharing her booking details on social media, especially advertising her MC abilities.

Her body of work includes productions in the UK.

When called for comment, Nambitha hung up the phone. She also failed to respond to our emails.