The president's daughter, Gugu Zuma-Ncube, has opened up about how Uzalo fans have threatened to boycott the ANC if she didn't meet their demands.

Speaking to Anele Mdoda on Real Talk recently, Gugu, who is the executive producer of Uzalo, jokingly revealed that she has never cornered her dad, Jacob Zuma, into doing something for her so that he could gain her vote.
However, she claimed that fans of her show, have insisted that they won't vote for the ANC if she didn't bring some characters back to Uzalo.
"People threaten me about the show," she quipped.
"They like, 'Bring back that character. If you don't, we're not voting ANC. ' I'm like mina ngi ngenaphi ke (how is it my business) ?"
While laughing, she added that she often tells her dad that she is partly responsible for him losing out on votes.
"I'm like, 'Dad, I'm losing you votes. I'm costing you here.'"