Gareth Cliff dominated the Twitter trends list for much of Sunday after the Sunday Times reported he admitted in his new book that it was he who 'spiked' Mara Louw's drink with vodka in 2010.

"It's not common practice to have a drink on set, but that evening one of the crew brought a bottle of vodka for a pre-show celebratory drink. I passed Marah her drink and all was well until halfway through the show when she became a touch emotional, or maybe delirious. Needless to say, the press had a field day and I was the one Marah threw under the bus during a radio interview the next day."
Mara received massive backlash after the incident as it appeared she was drunk on air. Her contract was not renewed after the incident.
The Sunday Times reported that in her autobiography, to be released early next year, Mara said that the incident tarnished her reputation.
"You'll be shocked at what lengths people will go to get you fired in this industry when they want to put in their friends."
In his book Gareth speaks about being the victim of the Twitter mob and this time they didn't hold back.

Gareth Cliff has urged people to read the book before making a decision.
"Sensational and misleading headline @SundayTimesZA Read the book #Cliffhanger for the actual story,"he wrote on Twitter.
Cliffhanger: Confessions of a shock jock is on sale from 1 December.