Ntsiki Mazwai swiped at her second international victim Thursday morning. Whilst we are pretty sure the star who was dragged by Ntsiki will probably hear about it or care, it’s her fans we fear will come for Ntsiki. Ntsiki Mazwai says Beyonce is not that deep.

Merely a day after saying she’d make a better host than Oprah, Ntsiki seems to suggest Beyonce is overrated. “Sweety Beyonce is not deep or conscious…….sorry that hurts but she is fake. Sorry for u and the stans,” she tweeted.

She went on to say Beyonce is not that deep but very typical stereotype. “I like depth and political women…….beyonce is not that,” she tweeted. So who gives Ntsiki the chills you ask? It’s Lauryn Hill. Check out the rest of the tweets below.