Uh-oh! When a celeb is spotted wearing an outfit already won by another celeb, there’s only one question to ask. No, it’s not who wore it first, it’s who wore it better? In this edition of who wore it better it’s the battle of the bikini. It’s Minnie Dlamini vs Ntando Duma in the same bikini.

Minnie Dlamini Vs Ntando Duma In The Same Bikini

Both ladies are equally hot in their own right but who does this bikini look good on?

Here’s MaDlamini rocking hers in Seychelles

We can’t help but notice both ladies are rocking the same accessories as well. Whilst Ntando Duma normally rocked a bikini like no other, this one looks like a better fit on Minnie Dlamini. We think Minnie wore it better. Who do you think rocked it better?