Songbird Kelly Khumalo says that one of the hardest parts of being a woman is the hate that she often receives from other woman. And she's gatvol of it.

Following her recent run in with Twitter trolls, who accused her of being the reason that Idols contestant Lucia was booted from the show, Kelly took to her personal blog to shine a light on woman hating on each other.
In a lengthy and emotional post, Kelly said that she has been a victim of abuse from woman "numerous times".
She admits that it may have upset her in the past but she has learnt to shrug off such hate.
"A typical example is this past Sunday, where we saw the beautiful and talented Lucia voted out of the competition. Now the irony in this situation is the fact that the public gets to decide on who gets to stay and who goes home.  Yet for some odd reason my name was then linked to her sad departure just because I was selected to mentor her for the coming week, however the voting was based on the previous week’s performance. If we are really looking for someone to blame, then we should look no further than the next mirror because we all had the choice to vote for her and we didn’t," she wrote.
But it seems this is not a problem unique to South Africa. Kelly went on to shade American woman for abandoning their own in favour of "a misogynist, racist man."
"America, particularly some American women chose to vote for a misogynist, racist man who publicly endorsed sexually assaulting women over a woman who is more than qualified and capable to hold that office. So many of us preach women empowerment and are self-proclaimed feminists, however when it comes to implementing these principles we claim to live by, it becomes very selective," she added.
Kelly called on woman to stop jumping on the "bashing train aka 'Pull Her Down' syndrome" and instead support each other.
"I just pray that I will be alive to see the day when us as women can uplift and support each other unconditionally," she added.