ALL that Yvonne Smith wanted was to be healed so she could get on with her life!
And she found a man of God who promised to heal her. But instead she claimed she paid with her punani – and to top it off the pastor allegedly also conned her out of her money!
The 36-year-old from Orlando East, Soweto claimed the “healing” in exchange for punani took place over a couple months.
Angry Yvonne said she wants to put a stop to pastors who take advantage of people like her.
Yvonne claimed after getting gatvol of the pastor’s demands she complained to his church council, who kicked him out for his misdeeds.
“I suffered a stroke last August.
“I was in and out of hospital but was not getting any better.
“I was invited to the church where the pastor concentrated on me and prayed for me.
“After I got better, the pastor started making sexual and financial demands.
“I could not face going back to the pain that I felt while I was sick, because I could tell he was powerful.
“He kept poking me for months until I said ‘enough’,” claimed Yvonne
Yvonne claimed the holy man milked her of more than R40 000.
“I even bought a piano for him worth R20 000,” Yvonne alleged.
But Pastor Bongani Manyisa said that Yvonne just wanted to see him down and out.
“I have a protection order against her because she harasses me all the time.
“She cost me my place at the church.
“She just wants to see me suffer.
“I don’t owe her anything.
“I thought it was just her gratitude for helping her during her healing process.”
“Now I just want to recover from all this.
“Despite not being part of that church anymore I still have God’s calling and will continue to help people.”
Church spokeswoman Nametso Mofokeng said all the relevant procedures were followed to terminate the pastor’s contract.
“After receiving the complaint, investigations were launched into the matter. Findings of the investigations led to the pastor being laid off his duties because of an alleged breach.
“As the church, we are sensitive when it comes to disciplinary matters and we had to terminate his contract of service as he was voluntary staff.”