Mshoza has opened up about her journey to quitting alcohol and smoking, claiming that she was unaware that she could have fun without indulging in both these habits.

Speaking to Move! the kwaito singer, who is diabetic, explained that she decided to turn over a new leaf when she became fully aware that alcohol was plaguing her general physical health.
"I realised that alcohol was doing me more harm than good. It was not benefiting me at all," she told the local publication.
"I am diabetic and alcohol was taking a toll on my health. It feels really good to be sober on my weekends. I want to age gracefully."
Mshoza added that she also feels "healthier and happier" since she made this change in her life.
"Before I made this decision, I did not know that I could have fun without drinking or smoking. I still go to parties and events, but I sip my juice and water and still have fun."
Mshoza has also previously opened up about taking drugs. She explained that her first time was the worst experience.
"At some point I met up with wrong people and unfortunately the first time when they made me try it, I collapsed and ended up in hospital. So I tried it and it didn't work for me. I collapsed and it was all over the newspapers," she told DRUM in a revealing interview last month.