BLESSEE Amanda Cele is accused of theft and causing damage to her former friend’s rented property in Sandton!
Model Kim Sehume is fuming and wants Amanda to return her designer clothes, two handbags and a Brazilian weave – all valued at R50 000.
“I regret the day I felt sorry for Amanda and asked her to come and stay with me.
“This was last year in July when she said her former housemate in Midrand had kicked her out,” she said.
Kim said she met Amanda through a mutual friend.
“She then called asking for a few weeks and I gave her my small room to rent for R3 000 a month.
“She only paid the full amount once and I’ve had to risk being thrown out by the owners because she always paid late.
“I’m now moving because after she damaged the doors to the house, I’m scared of living here,” said Kim.
She said Amanda must work for her money like everyone else.
“She lied on that TV show when she spoke about being a blessee. She shot the show at someone’s apartment and doesn’t even own a car.
“The car was borrowed just for the day to impress the cameras. She works as a hostess and can’t even afford her own place. I hope to get my clothes back and I urge her to take care of herself,” said Kim.
She said the move will help her to regroup and fight back if attacked.
“I also found a box full of muthi in the room she used to occupy. I’m scared she might have cursed me,” Kim said.
Amanda said: “How does her losing her things affect me? We were together Friday night at a club in Sandton. This is f*ck*n crazy!” And then she slammed down the phone.