BEING a celebrity doesn’t protect you from crime.
This is what Lexi van Niekerk of Big Brother Mzansi fame recently discovered.
She told Daily Sun that the windows of her VW Polo were smashed on Saturday night while she was attending a Sneaker Exchange event.
Although her car was damaged, she said nothing inside it was stolen during the incident in a secure parking area on Wierda Road, Sandton, Joburg.
Lexi said she suspected she was a victim of a hate crime because nothing was stolen.
She took to Twitter to share her scary experience, writing: “Thank God the car wasn’t taken. Windows smashed. Nothing taken. Not even my cash or brand new sneakers. All this happened in Sandton.”
Speaking to Daily Sun, Lexi said: “I arrived at the event just after 5pm. A security guard approached me and I felt something wasn’t right because he seemed very edgy.
“He came very close to me as I was locking the car and asked if I was sure I wanted to leave it.”
Lexi said when she returned to her damaged car at about 9pm, security guards from another company were on the scene but they had no information about what had happened. She said she wasn’t planning to open a case with the police but was trying to investigate the incident with the security companies.
“I’ll just sort it out with my insurance company. I really want to make people aware that crime happens to everyone.
“Being a celebrity doesn’t make me any different.”