Kwazulu- Natal rapper Smiso Zwane, widely known as OkMalumKoolKat, served time in an Australian jail for indecent assault in January 2016.
He was accused of entering the room of a guest at his hotel while she was asleep and touching her inappropriately. Since then Smiso issued a statement apologising, but has not spoken about the incident.
But recently, speaking to Anele Mdoda, Smiso came clean on what happened on the night of his arrest.
“I was really really intoxicated and I was jet-legged. I was looking for a way to my room, literally,” he said.
He said he ended up in the woman’s room because he couldn’t find the corridor. “It was a crazy idea to walk through someone’s room, coz it was open,” said Smiso.
“There was a sliding door open‚ so I’m thinking maybe that could be the way for me to get to the corridors to go to my room. But because I was drunk‚ instead of knocking‚ I just walked through.” he said.
He said the woman woke up and ushered him out of the room. Smiso said he told the woman he was trying to make his way to be room, but she phoned the police.
“I guess she could see that I was really drunk‚ and I told her that ‘yo‚ I’m actually trying to get my way to my room.’ And then she called the cops‚ and then I was like okay‚ I’m going to explain to the police,” he recalled thinking as he was taken to the police station.
He said the woman changed her story and accused him of laying on the bed with her and “touching her without consent.”
“When I heard her statement‚ it was different now. Like the story was different.”
Smiso said he pleaded guilty because he felt he violated the woman’s privacy. “I felt like I did violate someone‚ because I was in her room. Even if it were my sister, or even myself‚ as a male‚ I’d probably freak out if somebody were in my hotel room,” he said.