Caught on camera: 2 Zulu speaking girls try to rape a man 
– A video showing two women trying to rape a guy has been trending on social media
– It appears the women are South African judging by their language
– One can clearly see and hear the guy struggling ad trying to break free from their grip

A lot of things are happening in the world that are simply unexplainable. Men are beginning to ‘grow’ breasts, children are getting molested almost daily and now, ladies are beginning to rape men. Could it be that the end times are approaching like the bible explained?

A recent video posted on Twitter shows two ladies in the act of trying to rape a man. The ladies who were speaking a language that sounded like Zulu (Zulu is spoken in South Africa) pinned the man down with one trying to remove his trousers and the other holding his arms and planting kisses on his face.
You can see the man trying to set himself free but the ladies would have none of it. And some people say it is only women that can get raped. Watch the video below: