If it was a South African artist Cassper Nyovest who copied Kanye West all to US media will be reporting on this issue, but now is the different story the just treat it as nothing major happen. The reality is US media is bias only chose good side of Americans.  .
Rapper Cassper Nyovest came out to silence critics about him copying fellow American rapper and idol, Kanye West

According to Hypebeast, American rapper Kanye West claimed the floating stage concept as his original idea. “This the original, accept no imitations! You with the rap God right now. N****s be copying our sh** bro. Stealin’ our sh**, stealin’ our stages. Copying our sh** one-to-one,” West was quoted.

Cassper Nyovest didn’t take that lying down reminding all that he did the floating stage thing last year during his #FillUpTheDomeConcert.

“Woke up to my name on American blogs about how I possibly stole Kanye’s stage. We did this a year ago already. lol. Ya Neh,” said Nyovest on Twitter.

Social media also took Casspers side to confirm, Kanye is the one who copied Casspers stage:

Image: Cassper Nyovest Instagram

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