Outgoing host of Our Perfect Wedding Thembisa Mdoda is not a happy lady
The presenter recently appeared on Vuzu Amp’s The Cover, hosted by Siyabonga Ngwekazi, where she opened up about her break-up with actor Atandwa Kani. She also revealed some details about her new bae.
But as exciting and insightful as viewers found the show, Thembisa wasn’t impressed with the way it was edited, and the emphasis it put on her tempestuous love life.
“I wasn’t impressed with how the show eventually turned out,” our source overheard Thembisa say.
“The way it was edited made it seem like the whole show was about me clearing stuff that has been said by my ex-husband about me and about my divorce.”
The source adds she was visibly unimpressed as she spoke about how her intention was never to dwell on the subject of her ex and her divorce.
“From my understanding, the show was about me talking about me and my life, not only about the recent drama with my ex,” Thembisa continued.
“I didn’t watch the show the day it aired because I was busy but all I could see were the tweets and I was a bit taken aback.”
The Cover gives viewers the chance to hear celebrities’ side of the story that put them in the headlines.
Source: drum