FAMOUS Nigerian polygamist Mohammed Bello Abubakar (92) has shot down rumours of his death and says he is still "very much alive". 
According to THE INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER, Mohammed has married a total of 107 wives, 10 of whom he has divorced. Mohammed has outlived most of his 185 children. 
Mohammed, who lives in Bida, Niger State, describes his polygamist lifestyle as a "divine calling”. He has angered local Islamic authorities, who describe his household as a cult. 
Mohammed told The Nation that jealous people were behind the evil rumours of his death because "they envy what God has done and what He is still doing for me. What I am doing is divine. It is an assignment and I will keep doing it till the end," he said.
He added: "I only have 97 wives, I am still going to marry more. I will keep marrying them for as long I am alive ... I just want to advise those fighting against the number of my wives to stop because such people are waging war against God, their creator.”