LOCAL fishermen saw the unknown man arrive on the banks of the Vaal River.
Then they watched as he took off his clothes and shoes and walked into the water.
And that was the last time he was seen.
The fishermen who flock to the river in the Vaal, south of Joburg, told cops the man went into the water and disappeared.
Police divers were called to search for the man on Sunday. There was still no sign of him when they looked for him again on Monday.
The incident happened on Saturday, when the banks of the river were packed with congregants from various churches gathered for baptismal services.
It seems the incident took place moments after the SunTeam, which had been there to investigate initial reports of criminal activity, had left the area.
Daily Sun reported on Monday that the river has become a hot spot for thugs who target churches, fishermen and lovers who park their cars on its banks.
Cops had warned residents to stay away from the river. Police spokesman Fikile Funda confirmed the incident.
“Fishermen said the man stripped naked and went into the river but didn’t come out. They gave us his clothes which he left on the bank.”
The man was wearing a pink shirt with a ZCC badge on it, blue jeans and brown safety boots. Funda urged anyone who had a missing family member and recognised the clothes to come forward.